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BTS win four awards at BBMAs... success proven by solid numbers: critics Updated: 2021-05-25 09:59:19 KST

BTS have dominated the Top Social Artist award at the Billboard Music Awards, winning it for five years straight. And they've also been named Top Duo/Group in 2019.
But this year, they broke through to add two more achievements, Top Song Sales Artist and Top Selling Song, showing how their hit single "Dynamite" has appealed to American listeners.

"Now with these added awards, it really just cements the fact that this is a group that dominates in all areas, it really is a ubiquitous group it dominates social presence, in musicality and performance and now in numbers and sales in people wanting and fans wanting to buy their songs."

BTS were the winners of the Top Social Artist category, but the fact that other K-pop stars such as BLACKPINK and Seventeen were among the contenders means a lot.
Experts say global listeners who have listened to BTS songs are now opening up their eyes to other groups.
And K-pop's very own 'fandom' culture is starting to spread overseas.

"These governing bodies kind of saw BTS' impact and had a taste what this music scene is like in the industry but the diversity in the category now really speaks to how now this industry are opened up and people are now paying attention to other groups."

"Previously, songs were all that mattered. But now, fans are very used to mobile culture. The impact of fandom is getting stronger with the young generation's mobile-using trend. Fandom is an important factor that offers a foundation for artists to be recognized and K-pop stars have great fandom culture."

Now that BTS have proved their appeal to U.S. listeners with a solid number of sales, lots of fans are wondering what their next step might be.
Kim Bo-kyoung, Arirang News.
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