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S. Korea at final negotiation stage to join NASA's Artemis space program Updated: 2021-05-22 09:39:48 KST

Countries from all around the world are running in the space race, and have formed an international partnership to send astronauts to the surface of the moon.
The program is called "Artemis" and eight countries including the U.S., UK, Canada and Australia signed the agreement last October.
The Artemis project is a series of guiding principles to make sure that the future of space exploration is peaceful.

"Artemis is an international moon exploration program, so it's very significant. And countries are collaborating for their own national interests. In a bigger picture, it brings its benefits in diplomatic relations and national security."

And being part of this space exploration project means a lot, as it shows that the country is not lagging behind.
It will be an opportunity for South Korea as it's planning to land on the moon by the year 2030 using a homegrown shuttle.

"Rather than saying that landing is possible or impossible, it's true that there's technological infrastructure and we also have enough time before 2030. So, speaking from technological point of view as well as time, it's a reachable goal."

In the meantime, South Korea is planning to launch moon orbiters in August next year to find a potential landing ahead of its 2030 target.
Jang Tae-hyun, Arirang News.
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