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Grey whale lost in Mediterranean, far away from its natural habitat Updated: 2021-05-10 10:02:12 KST

A young grey whale is making a rare journey desperately seeking its way back home.
Biologists are worried that it may not survive as the whale got lost in the Mediterranean, thousands of miles away from the northern Pacific ocean,its natural habitat.
Grey whales usually migrate along the coasts between Alaska and Baja California.
One scientist said the whale, who's been named 'Wally', is believed to have made a mistake while navigating into the Atlantic ocean due to global warming, which has opened northern routes via the Arctic.

"This current has been completely disrupted with the melting of the ice and we will see changes in the habits of animal species, and therefore, we will see animal species arriving that have nothing to do with our region."

He added that in the depths of the Mediterranean, the grey whale can't find his normal food source.
Biologists say Wally is about two years old and eight meters long, and is moving roughly 80 to 90 kilometers a day.
This is only the second time that a grey whale has been spotted in the Mediterranean after another whale was observed in 2010.
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