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Current distancing measures extended for 3 more weeks: health authorities Updated: 2021-04-30 09:58:11 KST

South Korean health authorities have extended the current social distancing measures that were due to end this week.
They have also extended the special virus prevention period to try and stop the spread.
For more, we have our Jang Tae-hyun on the line for us.
Tae-hyun, give us the details?

To curb the spread of coronavirus, South Korean health authorities have extended the current distancing measures as well as the restriction on gatherings of five or more people for three more weeks.
Acting Prime Minister Hong Nam-ki at a meeting on Friday said, the decision was made after considering the caseload and remaining number of hospital beds over the past weeks.
And the caseload could go up as more people tend to travel during the May holidays, like on Children's Day.
Along with distancing measures, the country will also extend the "special virus prevention period" for one more week.
During this time all government ministries will thoroughly inspect the virus prevention measures in place at facilities under their supervision but the ban on private gatherings among civil servants will be eased.
Health authorities will also ramp up testing to find mild or asymptomatic cases.
They'll also inspect if densely populated and poorly ventilated places are following prevention safety guidelines.
Their aim is to keep the daily number of cases below the one,mark during the first half of the year.

"If there are less than one-thousand daily cases by late June and the elderly population get vaccinated, the risk of COVID-19 will decrease. If we achieve this goal, we can restructure the distancing measures and ease guidelines like the ban on personal meetings and restricted operating hours."

On Friday, South Korea reported 661 new COVID-19 cases, staying in the mid-to-high 600 range for two straight days.
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