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Visual effects under spotlight as Korean content enjoys global popularity Updated: 2021-03-25 07:13:24 KST

Lots of Korean TV and film content has enjoyed global popularity of late helped by the stunning visual effects or so-called "VFX", used by production teams.
Netflix original 'Sweet Home' was one of the most demanding with a vast array of creatures and effects.
Westworld the production company which worked on 'Sweet Home', says that they put a lot of effort into the pre-production phase visualizing the shooting plan before the cameras started rolling and made use of a special kind of equipment called 'N Cam.'

"N Cam is a piece of equipment that lets the director see the computer graphics while capturing the actor's movements in real time. It even tracks the terrain and takes all this into account."

N Cam is usually only used indoors, but to film a four-meter-high monster scene, it was used outdoors for the first time while filming 'Sweet Home', surprising the British N Cam provider company which Netflix consulted for technical support.
'Space Sweepers' dubbed the first Korean sci-fi blockbuster was also tough to visualize as there wasn't any prior work which showed how to portray zero gravity and other aspects of space.
Instead, the VFX team had to use real images as a reference.

"We referred to photos of space and space stations taken by NASA and also researched how the objects would look when under sunlight in space where there's no atmosphere along with what the movements of objects and actors would be like without gravity."

Both studio heads agreed that South Korea's high quality visual effects were able to flourish thanks to K-content being put under the spotlight.
And, for the South Korean VFX industry to grow further, having more well-made content is of utmost importance.

"Until now, most experienced artists had gone abroad to work on bigger projects in Hollywood. But now that South Korea is coming up with content where artists can showcase their capabilities, we need to set a base which enables them to participate in much more challenging projects domestically."

Domestic VFX industries too are aiming high, especially now that more and more Korean content is being made and enjoyed globally.
Kim Bo-kyoung, Arirang news.
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