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Life with Culture: MMCA combines cutting-edge technology with art Updated: 2021-03-19 15:06:43 KST

It's Friday and that means we have a weekend of exciting cultural events ahead of us. As usual, our arts and culture correspondent Kim Bo-kyoung is here with us in the studio for our weekly 'Life With Culture' segment Bo-kyoung, welcome. What do you have for us today?

Hi, Conn-young, when we think of art museums, we usually imagine still artworks and paintings hanging on the wall. However, Korea's contemporary art museum near Gyeongbokgung Palace combines art with cutting-edge technology. A total of six unique pieces of artwork are going to be presented one by one until December and I had a chance to try out two of them using VR technology. Let's take a look.

Visitors to this museum need to wear virtual reality goggles to enjoy this modern art.
The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, has launched an experimental exhibition titled 'Multiverse', showcasing combinations between cutting-edge technology and art.

"The keyword for the 'MMCA Performing Arts 2021: Multiverse' is technology. By using state-of-the-art technology, we have tried to show the visitors what kinds of changes tech can provide in our lives, senses and thoughts through art."

Until this December, six artists' works will be revealed one by one all of which combine art and technology such as Artificial Intelligence.
Two pieces of art that kicked off the project use virtual reality.
Visitors who made reservations for Kwon Hayoun's artwork get to explore a virtual world and their actions create certain choreographies, showing how humans' bodies can be a medium that links artificially created space with reality.
And the art by Seo Hyun-suk is a site-specific art that confuses the audience making them feel as if they are still in a virtual world.

"We get to be immersed in a virtual world when we use the VR gadget, but I wanted to ask what Kant would have asked us : "Of course, the world in VR is an illusion but can we say the world outside is reality?" I have used VR to blur the boundary between reality and illusion."

The more technologies develop, artists agree that they will more be readily used to extend the boundaries of art.

"Other artwork that makes use of drones with artificial intelligence and algorithms that enable self-driving are waiting in line to be presented to the public."

Inventions have made our daily lives much more comfortable, now they are allowing us to enjoy art in a totally new way.

Those interested in new experiences will have wonderful time there. I also hear that one of the largest classical music festivals in Korea is scheduled for next week, is that right?

That's right the Tongyeong International Music Festival, which was canceled last year, is finally going to kick off next Friday.
Commemorating the composer Yun Isang, the show will present classical music performances by both domestic and overseas artists and orchestras, until April 4th under the theme 'Changing Reality'.
Among the more than 20 shows, musical ballet performance 'Dear Luna' is attracting attention. It is narrated by actress Han Ye-ri from the Oscar-nominated movie 'Minari'.
Other highlights include globally recognized violinist Chung Kyung-wha plays Bach's works for violin and pansori-based alternative pop band Leenalchi.

That's such exciting news for classical music lovers. And there are plenty of other cultural events on the calendar too.
Thank you Bo-kyoung as always and I will see you next week.

Thank you.
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