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"Is there anything Koreans can't make into kimchi?" Looking into unconventional fruit kimchi recipes Updated: 2021-03-16 14:49:40 KST

Kimchi recipes have been handed down through the generations, but now the traditional staple has been given a new twist.

"Kimchi made from shine muscat grapes."
"I'm going to pickle the shine muscat grapes along with some cabbage."

The internet has been buzzing with unconventional kimchi recipes that use grapes or other fruits.

"Shine muscat kimchi became a trend after someone posted this recipe on social media last year. People were like 'Wow, this is such a freakish food ' and 'Is there anything Koreans can't make into kimchi?'"

Tickled by curiosity, the food vlogger tested this recipe for himself.

"It actually tastes pretty good after a while."
"Right? People say that it tastes good after the third try."

But this isn't the only new variety of kimchi that's out there.

"Some experts estimate there are over a thousand existing types of kimchi. Millennials and Generation Z often like to create new things, and they have come up with new recipes by mixing up different fruit and vegetables like cilantro into kimchi form."

But the thousand of variations didn't happen overnight.

"Koreans and kimchi are inseparable. Kimchi dates all the way back to the Three Kingdoms era where records show they pickled vegetables with salt and sauces."

Since then, kimchi has taken on its own unique form.
The recipe differs from pickled vegetables in other countries like German sauerkraut or Chinese pao cai, by using special ingredients like pickled seafood or different fermentation methods.
The kimchi expert also helped demonstrate another type of fruit kimchi recipe, something that anyone can make no matter where they are in the world.
To make apple kimchi, plum extract can be substituted with sugar and pickled shrimp with salt.
Dice the apple and mix the ingredients together, and there you have it, your own fruit kimchi at home.
Kim Yeon-seung, Arirang News
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