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'Sarangbang on-air' showing unique takes on traditional Korean music Updated: 2021-03-05 15:58:35 KST

It's Friday and that means it's time for our regular weekly 'Life with Culture' segment. Our arts and culture correspondent Kim Bo-kyoung is here in the studio to let us know what cultural events are on over the weekend.
Bo-kyoung what's the latest?

Well Conn-young, these days, traditional Korean music - gugak - is considered not as old and slow-paced but rather, energetic and exciting thanks to unique performers who present original songs rooted in traditional melodies. The National Gugak Center has come up with a weekly program for March,to showcase the hottest in gugak music. Let's take a look.

It might be traditional music, but the sounds of Project NAL rather seem creative and fresh.
Their show kicked off the National Gugak Center's 'Sarangbang on-air', which plans to present a unique performance of traditional Korean music gugak every Thursday in March.
The performances can be seen live, or watched on the center's YouTube and Naver TV channels.

"'Sarangbang on-air' is an online performance for viewers who cannot come to the site. We have prepared shows by well-known performers so that even those who watch their first show will find Gugak interesting."

Lots of people think traditional Korean music performers wear Hanbok and sing to slow-paced rhythms.
However Lee Hee-moon the leader of Project NAL performed an energetic show in a dress and high heels to entertain fans of traditional Korean music.
A modular synthesizer and drum kit combine with a traditional Korean janggu drum to add dynamism to a local folksong.
He says the ability to mix different genres and come up with a unique style is the main reason why more people these days are getting into traditional music in the first place.

"Fundamentally music comes through combining various countries' folk music or their rhythms and styles. Given music's history, Lee Hee-moon's attempt is ground-breaking but at the same time natural."

"Lots of performers who are doing experimental traditional music are taking off hanbok and showing their own characteristics. I think I am getting more attention because I am showing my femininity when I am a guy. Though some people might not like it, I believe showing my honest self can give energy to our viewers."

"Because we prepared performers who present trendy shows combining Korean traditional music and other genres some who are even well-known globally I believe lots of people could enjoy it."

Sangjaru, known as the 'Korean Gypsies' are the next performers in line followed by Baek Dasom who presents modern music using traditional Korean instruments like the Daegeum, Sogeum and Danso. To finish the program, Chudahye Chagis will combine traditional music with funk and hip-hop to deliver refined melodies.

It sure is good news for people who are interested in traditional Korean music. For those looking to enjoy some other cultural events, what else is on this weekend?

Clarinetist Han Kim has prepared a matinee concert showcasing a range of clarinet styles, from classics to jazz at LOTTE Concert Hall next Wednesday.
Goethe’s classical masterpiece 'Faust' has been adapted by a Korean playwright to be reborn as 'Faust Ending'. English subtitles will be provided every Thursday and Sunday.
'Illusion of Maupassant' has combined four of Maupassant's works into one, letting the audience get to know his classics.
And the National Changgeuk Company of Korea's new opera 'Tree, Fish, Moon' which is based on traditional stories, will be shown at the National Theater of Korea.
Moving on to online performances, four of globally recognized choreographer Matthew Bourne's dance musicals, including 'The Red Shoes' and 'The Car Man', will be shown twice each on either Friday and Saturday starting today, on the Naver TV channel 'LG Arts Center'.
Lastly, Sejong Center's official Naver TV channel, will show a musical gala concert on Saturday starring well known musical actors to deliver hope and support for cancer patients.

Thank you Bo-kyoung as always for such information. I appreciate it.

Thank you.

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