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Defeating 'corona blues' with non-contact fitness Updated: 2021-02-22 03:54:20 KST

Normally packed with people working out throughout the day, COVID-19 has turned these gyms into empty rooms.

Fitness trainers make home visits, especially to pregnant women reluctant to go outside. Exercise is crucial for a healthy delivery, but these expecting mothers worry that if they exercise alone, then with nobody to motivate them, they could break their routine.

"My trainer has experience with childbirth. She takes into consideration the baby's napping and nursing times when planning my exercise session."

"You have a good posture. Keep that position."

In-person or face-to-face encounters are not necessary.
With the camera on your mobile phone, you can have a training session in the convenience of your living room, bedroom, or wherever else you prefer.
It's non-contact online fitness.

"I think it's a great advantage that people can work out wherever they feel comfortable. Being able to exercise in private also adds to their confidence."

Zumba dance, which was linked to several cluster infections in South Korea
has also gone non-contact.
The instructor's enthusiasm and upbeat music fills workout spaces.

Exercisers mount spinning bikes and select an instructor on the touchscreen.
Following the strenuous motions transforms living rooms into spinning gyms.

"I worked out a lot less due to COVID-19. But having a spinning class with an instructor while staying at home has had a positive effect. I sweat a lot and it's strenuous."

On the command, children throw energetic punches.
Frequent gathering bans have brought Taekwondo classes online.

"Taking into account the floor noise We look for exercises that don't involve jumping."

This has been good news for parents who have been worried about children not having anywhere to go out and play.

"When children can't play outside they go into their shell. It helps the children in many ways that the instructors join along."

People are now trying to look after both their mind and body by encouraging and supporting each other over the screen.
Lee Eunjin, Arirang News.
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