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Vaccine Q&A Updated: 2021-01-28 15:36:47 KST

Still, we're left with a plethora of questions before the vaccine rollout.
The top seven questions lingering at the moment, our Jang Taehyun is here for some quick answers.
Hi there, Tae-hyun.

Hi Conn-young.

So Tae-hyun, is the vaccine mandatory?

Well, the government can't force people to get the shot.
But it's strongly advised, and anyone who refuses a vaccine at the time will go to the back of the list.
They will start giving shots to medical staff from next month while most people will get the shot from the third quarter for free.
Those aged under 19 and pregnant women are not on the list.

Okay. Can we choose the vaccine?

No. That's not the case.
The government has secured the vaccines from several drug producers like Pfizer and Moderna and they are currently in the process of being distributed gradually.
And what's more important is being vaccinated, rather than the type of vaccine, so people won't get the choice of shot.
This is the same for other countries like the U.S.

So, do you need a South Korean passport to get the shot?

Well, you don't have to be Korean to get the shot.
Foreigners should make a reservation for the free shot in the same way as Koreans.
And, the KDCA will consider whether undocumented foreigners are to be vaccinated as well.

Can infected people get vaccinated?

Yes. Everyone including asymptomatic patients and recovered patients can get the vaccine.

There are some people who really have to leave the country, can they cut the line?

If you have diplomatic or business reasons to leave the country right away, you need approval from the related authorities, and then approval from the KDCA.

When can we start taking off our masks?

Not straight away.
Even though you're vaccinated, it doesn't mean that 100 percent of the immune response has been created.
So, until herd immunity is achieved, you have to follow the COVID-19 prevention guidelines like keeping social distancing and wearing face masks.

If I'd want to know more about when and where I can get the vaccine, what can we do?

Starting from February 1st, you can visit the website 'ncv.kdca.go.kr' for more information like when you'll be able to get the vaccine.

Alright. That was Jang Tae-hyun in the studio. Thank you.
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