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Biden's cabinet nominations made of first of its kinds to returns from Obama times Updated: 2021-01-12 16:08:41 KST

President-elect Joe Biden has promised to appoint a Cabinet that looks like America.
So far, the list of nominees is highly diverse half of the 24 nominees are women, six are black, four are Latino, three are Asian and one is Native American.
There are a number of other firsts, too.
Janet Yellen will be the first woman to serve as Treasury Secretary.
Biden's former rival for the Democratic nomination, Pete Buttigieg, will be the first Cabinet member who's openly gay.
There's also Lloyd Austin first black Defense Secretary.
Alejandro Mayorkas first Latino and immigrant to lead Homeland Security.
On the other hand, some are coming back from previous administrations.
For example, Tony Blinken, Biden's choice for Secretary of State, served as deputy Secretary of State under President Obama.
John Kerry, who was Secretary of State in Obama's second term, will return as the special envoy on climate change.
And two others will come back in the same roles they served in before.

"And it's my expectation and hope that the Senate will now move to confirm these nominees promptly and fairly. It's especially the case for the nominees of secretary of state, defense, treasury, homeland security."

Despite his efforts to diversify the Cabinet, Biden may be the President with the fewest Cabinet members confirmed at the time of his inauguration the only one with a Senate hearing scheduled so far being Lloyd Austin for Defense on January 19th.
The Senate is almost evenly divided between Republicans and Democrats, which won't help the confirmation process.
Those who ultimately make up the Cabinet will face the enormous tasks of stopping COVID-19, reviving the economy and restoring ties with America's allies and trade partners.
Kim Do-yeon, Arirang News.
Reporter : tkim@arirang.com
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