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Expert's take on President Moon's speech to UNGA Updated: 2020-09-23 10:14:55 KST

Let's get an expert's perspective on President Moon Jae-in's speech to the UN General Assembly.
We have joing us live on Skype, Mark P. Barry, associate editor of the International Journal on World Peace who's been following North Korea for more than three decades.

Thanks for staying up to talk with us. Let's start with your thoughts on the South Korean leader's speech.

Delving deeper into President Moon's call for an end of war declaration. Three-pronged question in one: what do you make of this, were you surprised, and how do you think this will be received by the main players: the U.S., China, and North Korea?

What do you think of President Moon's repeated promotion of these lofty peace goals relating to North Korea, especially considering inter-Korean diplomacy is as good as dead ever since the regime blew up the joint liaison office just north of the border.

U.S. President Donald Trump also taped a video message for the General Assembly. He lambasted China over COVID-19 and trade. That dominated so much of his speech that he didn't mention North Korea even once. Is North Korea off Trump's radar now?

China's leader also made no mention of North Korea. Do you think Xi Jinping just has bigger fish to fry than trying to encourage Kim Jong-un to play nice?

Mark P. Barry, associate editor of the International Journal on World Peace based in New York.
Thank you for your insights.

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