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Football's K League opens stadiums to fans three months into season Updated: 2020-08-03 10:47:33 KST

The K League welcomed its fans back into the stands on Saturday three months into the season.
There were some major changes, though.
First, tickets were only sold online.
And based on rules set by the health authorities and the league, stadiums were limited to 10 percent capacity.
Here at Tancheon Stadium in Seongnam, fans had to line up, distanced from each other, to get their temperatures checked and to be put on the visitor log using a QR code.
Also, only locals were allowed in because the league does not want away fans coming in from all over the country.
Things were different once they got in, too.

"Fans sit separated from each other and cannot yell or chant loudly to motivate the players. Instead, they clap and wave the cheering flags provided by the club to show support."

And of course, at all times, you have to wear a mask.
No food is allowed, and neither is alcohol.
The club says it wants to keep fans safe, and has taken steps to ensure that they are.

"Quarantine comes before fan service today. That said, we haven't had to do it today, but we've adopted a policy where we'll ask fans who don't follow the guidelines to leave."

The fans are glad to be back, but of course they miss the way things were.

"I hope the COVID-19 situation keeps getting better. We're sitting apart and being quiet, but I hope we can go back to sitting together soon and chanting like the old days."

This particular stadium opened up around 14-hundred seats for its first game and filled about 12-hundred of them.
For popular teams like Daegu FC, the first games sold out within two minutes of opening.
Kim Do-yeon, Arirang News
Reporter : tkim@arirang.com
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