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Official campaigning period begins for April 15 general election Updated: 2020-04-02 09:54:52 KST

Our top story this lunchtime.
Candidates running in South Korea's April 15th General Elections are on the streets looking to win over voters as the official campaigning period began at the stroke of midnight.
We connect to our Kan Hyeong-woo who is in Seoul's central district of Jongno - one of the fiercest battlefields if not THE fiercest battlefield in this election.
Hyeong-woo, tell us more about the start of campaigning and this clash of the political titans in Jongno district.

Mark. South Korea's past election campaigns usually had trucks playing loud music and supporters wearing the same color uniform while performing choreographed dance moves.
But it's hard to see some of them this year.
That's due to the coronavirus outbreak, which has hindered all aspects of the nationincluding people's daily lives, the economy and more.
For the upcoming general election,1,430 registered candidates are running for 300 seats at the National Assembly.
But the Jongno-gu district has been drawing much attentionbecause it sets up a clash between two former prime ministers - the ruling Democratic Party's Lee Nak-yon and the main opposition United Future Party's Hwang Kyo-ahn.
Historically, the battle for Jongno has been deemed crucial in terms of its political importance.
Three candidates who won in Jongno eventually became president.
Lee Nak-yon began his official election campaign at the stroke of midnight.
He met with part-time workers at mom-and-pop stores …and promised a politics of hope.

"I wanted to tell people not to lose hope on the first day of the campaign. As Lee Nak-yon, you're going to have to do something. Do well. I have confidence in yourself."

Hwang Kyo-ahn held a press conference at Gwanghwamun Square in central Seoul just before midnightcalling for an economic revival and judgment on the current Moon administration.

"I cannot forget your blood-boiling cries for justice and fairness that collapsed with the Cho Kuk scandal. Jongno will become the hotspot for the people's judgment of this administration."

The official campaigning period for the April 15th general election will continue until the day before the nation heads to the polling stations.
That's all I have at this hour. Back to you Mark.
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