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'I'm okay, you first', citizens using cotton masks to allow those in need to buy KF masks Updated: 2020-03-25 06:05:50 KST

These days, people wait for at least 30 minutes to buy disposable filtered KF masks.
Yet, even after waiting for a long time, there are some people who fail to buy any.

"Medical workers and people with illnesses should wear KF masks. But with a shortage of these masks on the shelves, people have decided to take part in the campaign so called 'After you, then me' or 'I'm okay, you first'. They are pledging to use cotton masks, so that KF masks are available for the people who really need them."

Through social media platforms, this campaign is becoming viral, with some making their own cotton masks and others pledging not to buy.
Some even made illustrations to encourage others to participate.

"If I reuse the cotton mask, people who really need a KF mask can get them so I started using a cotton one. Just me doing this alone is meaningful but I wanted to spread awareness of this campaign through my illustrations so that more people could recognize this movement and participate."

Some people have taken this campaign to the streets, actually giving out cotton masks and, in return, having people pledge that they will let others who are really in need buy the masks instead.

"Most people can protect themselves by wearing a cotton mask and maintaining social distancing. So I thought we could offer KF masks to medics, the elderly and those who are much more vulnerable."

If people bring KF masks, volunteers hand them hand sanitizer and cotton masks which can be used over 50 times if washed.
Those without KF masks, can get these items simply by pledging that they will use cotton ones.

"I know the masks are really hard to get right now especially the KF94 masks and there's lot of people who have compromised respiratory systems who need those masks more than healthy people like me. So I definitely pledge to wear the cotton mask over the KF94 masks."

With people giving away masks, they all wish that these sacrifices could make a big difference in stopping COVID-19.
KIM Bo-kyoung, Arirang News.
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