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'Walk-thru' test booths offer easier access to COVID-19 screening Updated: 2020-03-17 06:17:45 KST

South Korea has come up with a new 'walk-thru' test booth system for the coronavirus.
Developed by a local hospital in Seoul,the Safe Assessment and Fast Evaluation Technical booth of Yangji Hospital, or 'SAFETY', allows complete separation between patients and doctors.resulting in a much smaller chance of contagion.

"Once patients enter the booth, doctors check their condition. Patients can ask questions through the intercom. And, if needed, doctors can use a stethoscope or penlight. Taking on-the-spot samples from patients is also possible."

There are currently four booths in operation.
Up to ten people can receive health screenings per hour.
Since each one is about the size of a regular telephone booth, it takes less than two minutes to disinfect after use.

"It was really quick and convenient. I was happy to be done so fastI think it took less than 10 minutes."

The booth system will also be a welcome sign for those who cannot drive or do not own a vehicle.

"Unlike the ‘drive-thru' test centers, these booths can be installed in much smaller spaces and they're easily accessible on foot."

As more people hope to be screened,the new 'walk-thru' test booth presents a safer and time-saving method for both patients and doctors.
It could also become South Korea's next exemplary model of COVID-19 screening for the global village battling against the virus.
Kan Hyeong-woo, Arirang News.
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