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Movie set from 'Parasite' flooding scene to be restored at Goyang Aqua Studio Updated: 2020-02-17 16:21:35 KST

The wealthy family in their large house high up on the hill can enjoy the rain, while Ki-taek's family who are living in a semi-basement apartment down below suffer all night as their home floods.
This flooding scene in 'Parasite' shows the clear divide between the rich and the poor.
The scene was filmed in Goyang Aqua Studio.
The film set for the semi-basement apartment and a neighborhood of 20 buildings was constructed in this large water tank.
50-tons of water was directed from the river nearby.
The Goyang Aqua Studio is the only studio in the country that can film large underwater scenes.
Naval battle scenes from other popular South Korean films were filmed here, including the 2014 hit 'The Admiral: Roaring Currents', which tells the story of how Admiral Yi Sun-sin faced a Japanese armada with just 13 battleships.

"This facility provides the infrastructure for film scenes that require special effects in water, such as explosions and underwater scenes in large blockbuster movies."

The semi-basement set of 'Parasite' was pulled down after filming in 2018.
But, Goyang city is planning to work with the film's producers to restore the set this year.
It will be part of a new visual culture complex that will be completed by 2026.

"I am certain that new complex will not only be used for filming, but will also boost tourism in Goyang city."

Jeonju city is also planning to restore the film set of the rich family's house from the 'Parasite' movie after consulting with producers.
KIM Bo-kyoung, Arirang News.
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