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World discusses climate 'emergency' Updated: 2020-01-23 16:02:45 KST

The Earth's oceans were the warmest in history last year with average global temperatures reaching the second highest on record.
Many across the globe are calling for action to tackle climate change, or as some claim, climate 'emergency', which is being named as one of the factors that triggered the Australian bushfires.
Concerns over climate change are ever rising and the subject also took center stage at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.
Today we go in-depth on how serious the climate change issue is today and what we can do about it with Professor Sohn Byung-Ju, at Seoul National University's School of Earth and Environmental Sciences.

1. The Australian bushfires seem to have raised the awareness of climate change to many across the globe and last year, the Oxford Word of the Year was 'climate emergency'. How serious is climate change based on scientific research?

2. What are main causes of climate change?

3. South Korea isn't completely innocent when it comes to carbon emissions. In 2017 it ranked as the fourth largest carbon emitter in the OECD, following the U.S. Japan and Germany. Why are we seeing such high emissions in the country?

4. At the WEF being held in Davos, climate change is one of the main items on the agenda and a report has been released on the link between the collapse of ecosystems and economic losses. The BOK has also announced climate change as one of the five major factors that could impact the global economy. How exactly is climate linked to the world's sustainable growth?

5. The EU has called on all members to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050, declaring a 'climate and environmental emergency'. Follow up measures include monitoring companies, tightening regulations and levying more taxes. How do you see the move among the developed nations?

6. How well is the South Korean government responding to the growing calls to tackle climate change? Is our government coming up with necessary political and economic countermeasures?

7. Climate change was also the hot topic at last year's UN General Assembly in New York but to the eyes of many, the solutions laid out by world leaders are far from sufficient. What more needs to be done?
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