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S. Korean military has different classification code to U.S. for N. Korea launches: Source Updated: 2020-01-20 10:28:50 KST

The South Korean military is believed to have classified the short-range ballistic missiles fired by North Korea on May 4th and 9th, July 25th and August 6th last year as "19-1" believed to be the North's version of Russia's Iskander-class short-range ballistic missile.
"19" signifies the year different from the "KN"-dash-number code used by the U.S. military.
For the super-large multiple rocket launcher firings the North said it had conducted on July 31st and August 2nd last year, the military classified them as "19-2" and "19-3" respectively.
The military labelled the "new" short-range ballistic missiles fired by the North on August 10th and 16th last year believed to be the North's version of a weapon that resembles the U.S.'s surface-to-surface-missile system ATACMS as "19-4."
Code "19-5" was the label given to the short-range ballistic missiles fired on August 24th, September 10th, October 31st and November 28th believed to be from a super-large multiple rocket launcher.
Last but not least, the North's submarine-launched ballistic missile from a sea-based platform fired on October 2nd, believed to be a "Pukguksong-3" missile, was labelled "19-6."
Seoul's defense ministry stated Monday that the military is in congruence with the U.S. military in identifying that the number of different new weapons fired by the North last year.
But a South Korean military source says there is a discrepancy in the number and it comes from a need for further analysis by the South Korean military on the weapons fired by the North.
The source says the new classification numbers were created to differentiate between some weapons that it believes needs to gather more information about to verify.
Kim Ji-yeon, Arirang News.
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