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U.S. reaches out to N. Korea to resume stalled nuclear talks: O'Brien Updated: 2020-01-14 04:20:45 KST

The United States has reached out to North Korea to suggest that they resume their nuclear talks, which have been stalled since October last year.
This is what White House National Security Advisor Robert O'Brien told U.S.-based internet news outlet Axios last Friday.
O'Brien said that Washington has been contacting Pyeongyang through various channels to let the North know that it would like to get the talks back on track in Stockholm.
He also took it as an "encouraging sign" that the North didn't deliver any "Christmas gift" last year, though he added this doesn't mean there'll be "no test" in the future.
The Axios report analyzed that Trump seems to be (quote)"again trying to lean on his warm personal relationship" with Kim Jong-un.
This comes after South Korea's Presidential Office revealed last week that a birthday message was delivered to Kim Jong-un from U.S. President Trump.

Jan. 10, 2020
"The day President Trump and I met happened to be Chairman Kim's birthday. President Trump remembered that and asked President Moon to deliver a birthday message. I understand that the message was sent to North Korea yesterday through an appropriate channel."

Kim's birthday is known to be January 8th.
However, it is not clear whether Trump's message would lead to a resumption of talks.
North Korea, over the weekend, confirmed that it did get a message from the U.S. -- both through a notice from South Korea and a friendly letter from Trump.
But it added, the relationship Kim Jong-un has with Trump is a personal one which won't impact the regime's future decision making and North Korea won't waste time trying to exchange anything with Washington.
It added Seoul had better stay out and not dream of restoring any talks.

"North Korea's such response is at the same time seen as an outright 'no' to South Korean President Moon Jae-in's New Year's Address last week that sought for Kim Jong-un's reciprocal visit to Seoul and further cross-border cooperation. While prospects for inter-Korean relations remain dark, Seoul called on the North to show mutual respect. Oh Jung-hee, Arirang News."
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