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BTS pop-up store opens in Gangnam Updated: 2019-10-18 10:00:27 KST

A BTS pop-up store has just opened in Seoul's Gangnam district.
Naturally such an event has attract thousands of BTS fans or "ARMY" from across the world.
Our Lee Kyung-eun is there to check it out.
Kyung-eun, tell us, what is it like there?

Hi, Jiyoon.
I am standing in front of HOUSE OF BTS - a huge BTS pop-up store located in the center of Gangnam.

And as you can see, I am surrounded by a massive crowd, they are all lining up to get into the store.
Some of them actually came here as early as 5 a.m. to be the FIRST to get in line.

And they are FINALLY starting to filter inside, as the clock hit 10 a.m, and the doors opened.

Now, the store takes over an entire building that has four floors, including the basement.
The color of the building and main theme of the pop-up is PINK.
It is inspired by the cover of the band's latest album, MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA, that includes the smash hit "Boy With Luv".

Inside, BTS songs are pumping out, including some new remixs of their hit tunes.
You can also experience the virtual world within BTS's music videos.
And of course, you can buy BTS goods, food, and beverages to your heart's content.

Big Hit Entertainment, the organizer and the band's label, previously said they are hoping to create a dynamic, experiential complex for everyone, including BTS fans.

I am joined by a visitor who've been lining up for hours.

"Hi, how did you come here?"
"Can you give me a brief haul on what you've bought?"

Thank you, hope you had a great time.

Now, before coming to Korea, the pop-up store was set up in cities in the U.S., the UK and France in conjunction with the band's world tour.

People there described it as being like a mini concert where they sing and dance along together.
Also, these are networking places for ARMY from around the world, and we know, ARMY is known for its strong sense of community and loyalty.

The organizer says the Seoul pop-store is an upgraded version of the previous ones, and it will be opened for 80 days, much longer than the other ones.

Back to you, Jiyoon.
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