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Expert's take on GSOMIA Updated: 2019-08-22 16:53:02 KST

South Korea has decided not to extend GSOMIA.
The military pact had been renewed every year since it was signed in 2016.
But for this year, Japan's continuing trade restrictions against South Korea has led Seoul to take the drastic decision.
Let's take a closer look at the issue. and for that I'm pleased to be joined by Dr. Woo Jung-yeop, Research Fellow at the Sejong Institute, who joins me in the studio.
Thank you for coming in today Dr. Woo

1. So South Korea has decided to terminate its military intelligence sharing pact with Japan. Can you first tell us the implications of today's announcement?

2. Tokyo has said on numerous occasions that it wants GSOMIA extended. Japan's defense minister Takeshi Iwaya just today told reporters he hopes to see an extension. How do you think Japan will react to Seoul's decision?

3. GSOMIA had been extended every year since it was signed in 2016. Some argue that it's vital to South Korea in terms of national security as well as trilateral security ties with Japan and the U.S.
Others question the effectiveness of the pact. Your thoughts?

4. How do you think today's decision will affect future South Korea-Japan relations?

(Back up question) Will there be a chance that GSOMIA will be renewed if bilateral ties improve?
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