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Foreign expert's take on Seoul-Tokyo dispute Updated: 2019-08-14 16:56:35 KST

Amid continuing Seoul-Tokyo trade tensions, Korea marks the 74th anniversary of its liberation from Japan's colonial rule tomorrow, August 15th.
At the bottom of the trade friction lies decades-old historical issues that is yet to be resolved.
The deep scars from Japan's wartime atrocities still upset many here in Korea.
To hear more on the two nations historical row from a foreign expert's perspective, Dr. Hannes B. Mosler, Professor at Free University of Berlin's Institute of Korean Studies, joins us through Skype.
Dr. MoslerThank you for joining us.

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1. South Korea's Supreme Court ruled last year in favor of Korean victims of Japan's wartime forced labor, ordering Japanese firms to compensate them. Japan's trade curbs against South Korea are widely see as retaliation to that ruling. How do you see Japan's move? Is it appropriate for one country to protest against another's supreme court ruling?

2. Japan argues the 1965 Seoul-Tokyo treaty settled all compensation issues of its wartime forced labor, while Korea argues individual compensations are still open for settlement. What's your take? Do you think the treaty settled all issues related to the Japan's wartime force labor?

3. Germany had also made wartime atrocities. How has Germany resolved historical issues with the countries involved?
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