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Kim Jong-un's armored train crosses North Korea-Russia border in the morning Updated: 2019-04-24 13:00:54 KST

We heard this morning that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is on his way to Vladivostok for his summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin. And a few hours ago, we were told that Kim crossed the North Korea-Russia border.
With more, we have our Lee Ji-won on the line.
Ji-won, what's the latest?

Devin, Kim Jong-un's armored train is believed to be on its way to the eastern city of Ussuriysk.
Russian media say the train crossed the border at around 10-forty in the morning.
The train stopped at Khasan Station near the border, where Kim was welcomed with flowers along with bread and salt, which in Russia are traditionally given to special guests.
According to the Russian news agency RIA Novosti, Kim was greeted by numerous Russian officials, including Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov, to whom he reportedly said that this won't be his last trip to the country.
And according to TASS News Agency, Kim then looked around the museum "Kim Il-sung's House," which was built near the station in 1986 to honor Kim Jong-un's late grandfather Kim Il-sung's visit to the Soviet Union.
At around an hour later, at 11-40, Kim's train is said to have left the border station to head to Ussuriysk which is a roughly 7-hour journey.
From there he is to go another 2 hours south by train, to finally arrive in Vladivostok.
Now, to tell you a bit more about the summit, the Kremlin has finally confirmed that it will be held in Vladivostok on Thursday.
The meeting will start with a one-on-one sitdown, followed by an expanded meeting between the respective delegations, which will not result in the leaders signing any agreements or making a joint statement.
The Kremlin says the main focus of their meeting will be the political and diplomatic solutions to the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.
Back to you Devin.
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