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96 2016-08-03 Tagboard International Asia Briefing Session

Tagboard International Asia Briefing Session

Arirang TV held a briefing session on July 28 for the globally renowned new media platform developing corporation Tagboard International. The session was provided by the company’s Asia manager Ben Lin. Arirang TV and Tagboard also discussed their future cooperation. Ben Lin introduced Tagboard as a new media platform that collects social media posts marked with hashtags. He also explained about its diverse functions used in broadcasting, such as news, PR and sports, and examples of hashtag use by renowned broadcasters like BBC and Fox.

Ben Lin stressed that Tagboard is an innovative tool that enables program online managers to track posts and the number of users simultaneously on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Google on a Tagboard account using hashtags. The program can search and collect specific words marked with hashtags on any social media platform.

Ben Lin also said that the advantage of Tagboard is its ability to expose selective information and video materials from all over the world on the screen so that it can be used to improve communication with viewers during live TV shows. He added that Tagboard can optimize new program formats in line with viewers’ needs by analyzing data on users from around the globe by country and age group in line with its motto – uniting communities with a hashtag.

No Title Date Hit
96 Tagboard International Asia Briefing Session 2016-08-03 6583
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