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93 2016-07-20 Impact of THAAD Deployment in Korea

Impact of THAAD Deployment in Korea

(Link to Video)

What are the truth and impact of Terminal High Altitude Air Defense (THAAD) and its deployment?

On the July 21 episode of UPFRONT, Choi Kang, Vice President of Asan Institute for Policy Studies, and Park Hwee-rhak, Dean of Graduate School of Politics and Leadership at Kookmin University, carried out a lively discussion on the background of and issues involving THAAD deployment as well as the responses of neighboring countries.

They discussed the issues involving the decision to deploy THAAD in Korea, jointly made by Korea and the US, in detail.

Dean Park emphasized the need for THAAD deployment by commenting that THAAD deployment is unavoidable as long as North Korea’s provocations continue. Meanwhile Vice President Choi stated that there is a way to strategically defend the metropolitan area by utilizing Patriot missiles in addition to THAAD in response to the ongoing controversy on THAAD’s limited capability to defend the metropolitan area.

The mounting tension with North Korea as well as other neighboring countries that resulted from the decision to deploy THAAD in Korea was also discussed in depth.

You can check out the program in detail on July 21 episode.

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