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No Date Title
88 2016-07-11 Special Programs on President Park Geun-hye's Visit to Mongolia

Special Programs on President Park Geun-hye's Visit to Mongolia

ㅇ Special coverage of President Park Geun-hye's visit to Mongolia on July 14-18
ㅇ Coverage of the president's attendance of 11th ASEM Summit by heads of 51 Asian and European states, bilateral summit with the Mongolian president, signing of MOUs


1. Preliminary coverage of the president's visit to Mongolia, accompanying coverage and special reports (July 14-18)
2. Production of special current affairs programs (8 episodes)
3. Special informative documentaries (12 episodes)

※ Program exchanges and cooperation between Korean and Mongolian representative international broadcasters
∎ Arirang TV's ten-episode documentary about key state policies: MNB of Mongolia, July 14-23 / Airing time 7AM (scheduled)
∎ MNB's four-episode documentary about humanity, culture and art: Arirang TV,
July 16-17 / 7AM, 8PM
July 23-24 / 7AM, 9PM

Program exchanges between Arirang TV of Korea and Mongolian state broadcaster MNB

1. Supply of Arirang TV's ten-episode documentary "Korea on the Rise" (30min)
  - Airing time on MNB: July 14-17 / 4 episodes, 7:10AM
   * "Korea on the Rise" (6 episodes) To be finalized later

No. Category Topic Title
1 Business
Creative economy across industries Korea Economy Inputs Creative DNA
Activation of big data through opening
of public data
Big Data, the Smart World
3 Becoming Northeast Asian hub through
FTA network
Korea, the Platform of FTA
4 Promotion of agricultural exports,
nurturing agriculture into senary
Encouraged Agriculture, Animated Rural Society
5 Social contributions of businesses with
overseas presence
Economic Interchange,
the Pathway of Coexistence
6 Cultural
Culture in daily life Searching Hidden Culture, It’s a treasure
7 Bolstering cultural content creation 21st Century Alchemy:
Cultural and Creative Industries
8 Building national cultural brand Sparkling K-Style
9 Exam-free semesters to help children
achieve their dreams and display their
transformed School,
Lightening Students` Dreams
10 Peace and
Eurasia Express and unification vision Korean Unification, Opening
a New Pathway of Global Coexistence

2. Supply of MNB's culture and art documentary (60 min, 4 episodes)

No. Category Topic Title
1 Documentary
A story of Ching Un, who overcame hardship to become a violinist "Ching Un"
2 A story of a young woman who lost her ability to walk
after a car accident but regained hope thanks to her beloved husband
"To Love"
3 Culture
Inspirations received by contemporary artists from Altai traditions "Altai Project 1"
4 "Altai Project 2"

- Airing time on Arirang TV: July 16-17, 7-8AM, 8-9PM
July 23-24 / 7-8AM, 9-10PM
※ [Note] Details on number of episodes and airing time to be announced later


Special coverage

1. Special News Program on President Park Geun-hye's visit to Mongolia (July 14-18)

2. Production of special current affairs programs (8 episodes)

① Documentary on the present and future of Korea-Mongolia exchanges - culture, energy, medicine (30 min,  1 episode)
Date [Korea/overseas] July 14 (Exact time to be announced later)
Description ∎ Korea-Mongolia traditional medicine hospital / Mongolian national medical university
∎ Restoration of closed mines in Mongolia
∎ Salkhit Wind Farm
∎ Korea-Mongolia green belt creation project
∎ Coalbed methane gas pilot plant
② Business news "Business Daily" (20 min, 3 episodes)
Date  [Korea/overseas] July 14, 18, 19  /  Premiers at 4PM
Description ∎ (July 14) The spread of protectionism, major agenda of ASEM summit
*Guest: Prof. Kim Se-wan (Ewha Womans University)
∎ (July 18) Mongolia's economic value as a nation rich in natural resources
∎ (July 19) First Korean president to visit Mongolia in five years - brother-nations
The future course of Korea-Mongolia cooperation
*Guest: Prof. Yang Jun-seok (Catholic University)
③ In-depth news analysis "News Inside" (45 min,  1 episode)
 Date  [Korea/overseas]  July 15  /  Premiers at 8AM
Description ∎ The meaning of President Park Geun-hye's participation in the 11th ASEM Summit
Importance of Korea-Mongolia summit and bilateral exchanges
④ Mini-documentary "4 Angles"(30 min,  1 episode)
Date  [Korea/overseas] July 16  / Premiers at 6AM
Description ∎ Korean medical boom - Acceleration of Korea-Mongolia cooperation

3. Special informative documentaries (12 episodes)

① Documentary on Mongolia - "Arirang Special" (60 min, 1 episode)
Date [Korea/overseas] July 11  / Premiers at 7AM
Description ∎ Green belt project carried out by the Korea Forest Service in Mongolia
② Global cultural content presentation show "Bring It On" (60 min,  1 episode)
Date  [Korea/overseas]  July 11  / Premiers at 8AM
Description ∎ Nomadic camping in Mongolia's grassland
③ Arirang TV-MNB co-production documentary "Arirang Prime" (60 min,  1 episode)
Date [Korea/overseas] July 11  / Premiers at 9AM
Description ∎ Eco-tour of Korean actor Yeo Wook-hwan and Mongolian actress Uyanga in Mongolia
④ Gourmet trip documentary "Edventure in Asia" (30 min,  1episode)
Date [Korea/overseas] July 13  /Premiers at 6:30AM
Description ∎ Food made with dairy products and livestock produced in the Mongolian capital, Ulaanbaatar
/ Recipe of Mongolian traditional lamb dish "horhog"
⑤ Creative and cultural convergence "K-Culture Elite" (60 min,  1 episode)
Date  [Korea/overseas]  July 13  / Premiers at 9AM
Description ∎Ballerina Namun Batsukh from Mongolia, who came to Korea to learn dance theory, shows off her K-ballet
⑥ MNB documentaries (60 min,  4 episodes)
 Date  [Korea/overseas]  July 16, 17, 23, 24  / Premier at 7AM
Description ∎ [July 16, 17] Strong fighting spirit of Mongolians (2 episodes)
∎ [July 23, 24] Artistic spirit of the Altai people (2 episodes)
⑦ Korea and the World (introducing various parts of the world) - "Going Global" (20 min,  2 episodes)
Date  [Korea/overseas] July 18, 19  / Premiers at 10AM
Description ∎ [July 18] World heritage in Mongolia - Morin-tologaihole and Biyelgee
*Morin-tologaihole: A popular instrument made of wood and leather
*Biyelgee: A dance performed in a traditional costume to express Mongolians' daily lives by moving hands
and shoulders
∎ [July 19] A story of film drama producer Jang Yu-geun
*Director Jang Yu-geun: Worked in fashion advertisement industry in Korea for 20 years before producing
two successful films. Currently producing his third film.
⑧ Documentary on tourism in Korea "Travel Story" (30 min,  1 episode)
Date  [Korea/overseas]  July 21  / Premiers at 6:30AM
Description ∎ A story of three Mongolian doctors who visited Jejudo Island to learn about Korean medicine and improve
their health
No Title Date Hit
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95 English Quiz Show, "Quiz Whiz Junior" Launches on August 1 2016-07-27 8266
94 Kenneth Bae talks about his painful 735 days in North Korea 2016-07-27 5638
93 Impact of THAAD Deployment in Korea 2016-07-20 5804
92 [Arirang Special]Mongolia's 1st President Tells “HOPE FOR MONGOLIA” 2016-07-20 5696
91 [Kyunghyang Shinmun's Corrected News Article] 2016-07-19 5657
90 Special Programs on President Park Geun-hye's Visit to Mongolia 2016-07-13 6764
89 1st Anniv. of Arirang TV Launch on the UN In-house Network 2016-07-13 5133
88 Special Programs on President Park Geun-hye's Visit to Mongolia 2016-07-11 7494
87 Exclusive interview with Mark Lippert, U.S. Amb. to Korea 2016-07-06 5040
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