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87 2016-07-06 Exclusive interview with Mark Lippert, U.S. Amb. to Korea

Exclusive interview with Mark Lippert, U.S. Amb. to Korea

(Link to Video)

Arirang TV aired an exclusive interview with Mark Lippert, U.S. Ambassador to Korea, that touches upon various subjects such as issues existing between Korea and the U.S. as well as his life in Korea while diverse international relations issues such as North Korea’s continued provocation through nuclear tests and launching of its long-range missiles as well as the 6-party talks are currently under the spotlight.

In response to the concerns that the U.S.-Korea relationship may change depending on the result of the presidential election that is to be held in the U.S., Ambassador Lippert commented that Korea-U.S. alliance is established upon the trust that has been built for the past 63 years. He said, “Through those years, through those decades we built lasting structures. The Security Treaty, the KOR-US free trade agreement, the 123 civil nuclear energy agreement and the space agreement. These are lasting structures that are durable over time.”

In regards to North Korea policy, he commented that unless North Korea returns to the 6-party talks with sincere and trustworthy attitude, Korea and the U.S. are focusing on unifying the other five parties and that Korea and the U.S. are protecting the Korean Peninsula utilizing economic pressure on North Korea and strong military cooperation.

Ambassador Lippert is the first U.S. ambassador to Korea who has received a certificate of honorary * haenyeo from Jeju Haenyeo School and gave a Korean name “Sejun” to his son, who was born in Korea, through the Korean fortune-telling process called "Saju". He has stated that he wishes to visit all the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Korea and all KBO baseball parks as well as improve his Korean to a certain level before his term in Korea comes to an end. Moon Conn-young’s interview with Ambassador Lippert aired on June 30 episode of NEWSCENTER at 10 PM.
(* Haenyeo , literally "sea women,” refers to female divers in the Korean province of Jeju)

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