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84 2016-06-22 Arirang TV airs 5 special programs on the Korean War

Arirang TV airs 5 special programs on the Korean War

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Arirang TV aired 5 programs that shed new light on the meaning of Korean War in commemoration of its 63rd anniversary.

Arirang aired not only programs it produced but also documentaries by Korea Communications Agency and KFN that provided a chance for viewers to get a look at rare materials and videos on the Korean War.

"Arirang Special – 60 Years of Truce Searching for the Path to Coexistence" (aired 8 AM, June 22) is a documentary provided by KCA that sought to find a way to improve the relationship between North and South Koreas through a mutually beneficial economic cooperation. The documentary emphasized that ultimately a unification of people as well as a unification of minds must be achieved and showed North Korean defectors living in harmony in South Korea.

"Arirang Special – The Land of Hope, the Road to Peace DMZ 248km" (Aired 6:30 AM, June 23), the first documentary provided by KFN, viewed the nature, culture and life in DMZ from a new perspective.

"Arirang Special – In Search of Fallen Comrades" (Aired 10 AM, June 25) is the second documentary provided by KFN and it features the excavation efforts to find the remains of soldiers who were killed in the Korean War and the purpose of such excavation. The program sought to show the postwar generation what sacrifices were made to make Korea what it is today by seeking out previously unknown fallen soldiers and shedding light on them through the excavation.

"Arirang Special – Unfathomable to Most Is the Cruelty of War" (Aired 5 PM, June 24) is a current affairs documentary produced by Arirang TV and it tells the stories of those with painful memories of the Korean War.

No Title Date Hit
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84 Arirang TV airs 5 special programs on the Korean War 2016-06-22 5728
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