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82 2016-06-15 [Arirang Special] Planting Seeds in the Land of Death

[Arirang Special] Planting Seeds in the Land of Death

(Link to video)

This episode of Arirang Special focuses on the serious problem of desertification and the UN Convention to Combat Desertification, one of the 3 major UN conventions on environment.

Desertification threatens people by damaging the forest, threatening the ecosystem as well as causing yellow dust and abnormal climate. "Planting Seeds in the Land of Death" follows the efforts made by Korea Forest Service to prevent desertification in countries such as Mongolia, China, Myanmar and Morocco.

According to UNCCD, desertification is already underway in 1% of forest area in Algeria, 27% of land in Asia and in 30% of the United States. Desertification not only causes various diseases but also poverty.

We'll be taking a look at Korea Forest Service's forestation projects in Lun Som and Dalanzadgad near Ulaanbaatar. We also took a look at the changes in the topography of Mongolia as well as in the lives of locals through KFS's Mongolian Greenbelt forestation project.

In addition, the program also discusses yellow dust and the seriousness of desertification in Kubuqi Desert, the desertification in Myanmar and Korea Forest Service's efforts in preventing desertification.

"Planting Seeds in the Land of Death", a special documentary commemorating World Day to Combat Desertification was aired on June 15 and is available on VOD.

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