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80 2016-06-08 Interview with Minister of Science, ICT, Future Planning

Interview with Minister of Science, ICT, Future Planning

(Link to Video)

For its first episode in 3-part special feature "How Do You Gear Up for the 4th Industrial Revolution", (aired on NEWSCENTER on 10 PM, June 9 Thursday), an interview with Minister Choi Yang-hee of the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning was broadcasted. The theme of the interview was "How Korea's future would change in light of the 4th Industrial Revolution and is Korea prepared?" We learned about the future growth industry R&D plans that the ministry is currently preparing from the interview.

In the interview, Minister Choi stated that "the global virtual reality industry is still in its very initial stages" and that "taking the center stage in VR were Korean companies like Samsung and LG." He also said, "Based on these assets, we have various development plans ranging from theme parks that provide new VR experiences to application of VR technology in education, defense and video games. The Korean government, together with the private sector, plans to invest roughly US$ 156 million in the next 3 years to create excellent products and tap into the global market."

In regards to this, Minister Choi pointed out that the application of artificial intelligence such as in autonomous vehicles requires new regulations and causes the problem of ethics and that the ministry has been actively carrying out discussions in different communities and puts utmost priority in making sure it is empowering and human-centered in preparation.

This interview was specially filmed in VR, using the technology that is regarded as one of the technologies that will lead the 4th industrial revolution. The interview was entirely filmed using a mobile VR camera that is capable of shooting in 360 degrees in high definition. It will be aired to show how far VR technology has advanced in our lives.

This interview will not only be aired in NEWSCENTER at 10 PM on Arirang TV but also be provided through YouTube to allow viewers to fully experience the benefits of the VR camera that films in 360 degrees.

Beginning with the interview with Minister Choi on June 9, part 2 "Fourth Industrial Revolution creating new job opportunities" will air on 16 and part 3 "New tech businesses bringing sharing economy and challenging traditional industries"on 23 at 10 PM on Thursday in NEWSCENTER.

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