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77 2016-05-24 [Special] President Park's Visit to Africa and France

[Special] President Park's Visit to Africa and France

Main Contents of the Special Program

1. Special News Program on President Park Geun-hye's Visit to Africa and France

The Entire Tour Period (May 25 - Jun. 4) Covered...
The President's Speech at the AU Headquarters will be broadcast live globally on the 27th.

Arirang TV sets up all its eight daily news programs to focus on the President's visit to Africa and France during her tour in those countries (May 25 - Jun. 4).
Arirang TV covers the news by accompanying her, beginning in Ethiopia's Addis Ababa, the first location of her visit, then Uganda, Kenya, and France through the summit meetings, business forums, compatriot meetings and more, delivering her every step live.
On the 27th, President Park will give a speech on the third day of the tour at the African Union (AU) headquarters in Ethiopia. President Park will be the first Korean chief of state to do so. Arirang TV will broadcast this live globally.

2. Current Events Special Programs

①  Mini Current Events Documentary '4 Angles'
Date &Time 5.23~5.26 [Korean Time 20:20 / Overseas Time (Africa) 10:20]
6.2 [Korean Time 06:50 / Overseas Time (France) 00:50]
Contents [5.23] ‘Saemaul Movement’, Korea's development movement which is the development model of UN developing countries
[5.24] Korean Medical Tour ‘One Stop System’
[5.25] The current state of Korea's ‘Remote-control Medical Treatment’
[5.26]‘Outreach Medical Service’ that has no medical blind areas
[6.2] Commemorative Program of the 130th Anniversary of the Korea-France Treaty ‘Royal Ancestral Rites Music Goes to Paris’
②  Global Economic News 'Business Daily'
Date & Time 5.25 / 5.31 [Korean Time 16:00 / Overseas Time (Africa) 10:00]
6.1 [Korean Time 16:00 / Overseas Time (France) 09:00]
Contents [5.25] What would be Korea's expansion strategy into Africa, the last growth engine of the world economy?
[5.31] Special Talk program, the summarizing of the economic results of the tour to Africa
[6.1] 130th Anniversary of the Korea-France Treaty, what would President Park Geun-hye's visit to France signify?
③  Public Diplomacy UN Exchange Program '21st Century' / 'UN In Action'
Date & Time 5.30 [Korean Time 09:30 / Overseas Time (Africa) 03:30]
5.31 [Korean Time 06:50 / Overseas Time (Africa) 00:50]
Contents [5.30] Northern Kenya's barren land turned productive through the adoption of a new agricultural system.
[5.31] Kenya (White Gold) : As the largest dairy nation in Africa, the IFAD aids poor farmers through specialized education and training. / Kenya (Improving Lives) : Story of the nomads making their livelihood through ranching.
④  Weekly News In-depth Analysis 'News Inside'
Date & Time 5.20 [Korean Time 08:00 / Overseas Time (Africa) 02:00]
5.27 [Korean Time 08:00 / Overseas Time (Africa) 02:00]
6.3 [Korean Time 08:00 / Overseas Time (France) 01:00]
Contents [5.20] The expected results from President Park Geun-hye's visit to Africa
[5.27] Results of the Korea-Ethiopia summit meeting, significance of the speech at the AU headquarters, advanced ODA Korea Aid
[6.3] Analysis of the results of the France summit meeting, the future of the two countries' relations, and economic exchange, etc.
⑤  Kenya KTN Site Reportage 'KTN News'
Date & Time 5.30 [Korean Time 09:00 / Overseas Time (Africa) 03:00]
5.31 [Korean Time 05:00 / 5.30 [Overseas Time (Africa) 20:30]
Contents Exchange programs including environment ecology protection, etc., provided by Kenya's local broadcasting system (KTN)
⑥  Current Events Talk 'Upfront'
Date & Time 6.2 [Korean Time 08:00 / Overseas Time (France) 01:00]
Contents Summary of the President's state visit to Africa and the founding of Korea-Africa policy vision and advanced development project, Korea Aid
⑦  Covering Korea within the World 'Going Global'
Date & Time 5.24 / 5.31 [Korean Time 23:30 / Overseas Time (Africa) 10:30]
Contents [5.24] Agreement ceremony held in South Africa in order to supply Taekwondo in Africa
[5.31] Story of a Taekwondo boy in Rwanda, one of the most poverty-stricken countries in Africa suffering the pain of civil war

3. Liberal Arts / Documentary Special Programming

①  Global Key Personnel Talk 'Innerview'
Date & Time 5.24 / 5.31 [Korean Time 08:00 / Overseas Time (Africa) 02:00]
Contents ‘Public Diplomacy Personnel Interview’
[5.24] Korea-Africa Center Director ‘Kim Il-su’
[5.31] International French Designer ‘Castel Bajac’
②  Global Culture PT Show 'Bring It On'
Date & Time 5.23 [Korean Time 09:00 / Overseas Time (Africa) 03:00]
6.1 [Korean Time 21:00 / Overseas Time (France) 07:00]
6.3 [Korean Time 05:00] / 6.2 Overseas Time (France) 22:00]
6.4 [Korean Time 14:00 / Overseas Time (France) 20:00]
Contents [5.23] Protection system of the endangered animals of the African continent
[6.1] ‘Paris Gothic Architecture Tour’ in which the history of ancient architecture can be viewed
[6.3] ‘French Dining Culture’ which has been listed as a cultural heritage
[6.4] France's ‘Fencing’ which has become a world-wide sport
③  Outstanding Documentaries 'Arirang Special'
Date & Time 5.25 [Korean Time 08:00 / Overseas Time (Africa) 02:00]
5.30 [Korean Time 07:00 / Overseas Time (Africa) 00:00]
Contents [5.25] Global Korean Wave, the Saemaul Movement spreading in Ethiopia
[5.30] Special Documentary on Kenya's climate change
④  Introduction of Korea's Policy Direction 'Korea On the Move'
Date & Time 5.23-5.27 [Korean Time 19:30 / Overseas Time (Africa) 09:30]
5.30-6.3 [Korean Time 19:30 / Overseas Time (France) 08:30]
Contents ‘Government Administration Basis-Related High quality 10-episode Documentary’
Cultural Prosperity (5.23), Creative Economy (5.24), K-Culture (5.25), Economy: Chile (5.26),
Humanities Tradition (5.27), Attraction of Foreign Capital (5.30), Emphasized Businesses (5.31), Korean Businesses (6.1), Tourism (6.2), Unification(6.3)
⑤  'France24' Media's International Exchange Contents Marking the 130th Anniversary of the Korea-France Treaty
     'Discover World Special'
Date & Time 5.30-6.3, 6.6-6.10 [Korean Time 10:10]
6.3-6.5, 6.10-6.12 [Korean Time 08:45 / Overseas Time (France) 02:45]
Contents 'The Paris of Arts'
Introduction to the world of France's art culture
'You are Here'
Story of masters such as craftsmen, farmers and chefs passing down the French traditional cultural heritage
⑥  Cooking Show Making Korean Food with Local Ingredients 'Cooking Possible'
Date & Time 6.1 [Korean Time 17:00 / Overseas Time (France) 10:00]
Contents ‘French Health Food’
Cooking eel soup and chicken & seafood soup made with French local ingredients in order to globalize Korean health food
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