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76 2016-05-18 [UPFRONT] Korea as a Top Soft Power Country

[UPFRONT] Korea as a Top Soft Power Country

(Link to Upfront)

Arirang TV's current affairs program UPFRONT recently aired an episode focusing on the revitalization of the Korean Wave thanks to the development of Korea's soft power with the beginning of "2016-2018 Visit Korea Year."

On this episode, Prof. Oh In-gyu, Director of the Center for Hallyu Studies at the Research Institute of Korean Studies, Korea University, Virginie Vial, Research Fellow at Lyons Institute of East Asian Studies (IAO) and Mary Ainslie, Head of Film and Television Programs at the University of Nottingham Malaysia, made a guest appearance and had a heated discussion.

Soft power, a term that refers to cultural influence as opposed to hard power such as military or economic power, has become a new factor in national competitiveness in this age of global contents.

The guests had a lively discussion on various topics such as the definition and importance of soft power, the importance of a national brand, the impact of the Korean Wave and the government's role in the development of Korea's culture on the show.

We also had an opportunity to receive advice from Chairman Kwak Young-jin of the Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange on efforts the Korean government must make to spread Korea's cultural contents and establish its national brand.

More details are available on Episode 111 of UPFRONT, which aired on May 19.

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