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No Date Title
75 2016-05-18 Arirang TV Held a ‘WHY UHD TV?’ Seminar on May 17

Arirang TV Held a ‘WHY UHD TV?’ Seminar on May 17

Arirang TV’s UHD Strategy TF held an ‘Arirang TV UHD Strategy TF Seminar’ prior to the start of groundwave UHD broadcasting in 2017.

At the seminar held in the 13F main conference room of Arirang TV on May 17 at 4pm, there was a lecture given by Dr. Lee Sang-jin of the UHD Promotion Team at the SBS Headquarters of Planning, titled ‘WHY UHD TV?’
At this lecture, Dr. Lee Sang-jin mentioned the overall summary of UHD, the current status and direction of groundwave UHD enforcement in Korea, United States and Japan, and the need and significance for Arirang TV to adopt UHD.

This seminar discussed the need for adopting UHD in order to strengthen the global competence of Arirang TV’s contents and for it to dominate the contents market in advance. This seminar is expected to serve as a momentum for activating the future establishment of strategies for the adoption of UHD TV and the change to the UHD system.

No Title Date Hit
76 [UPFRONT] Korea as a Top Soft Power Country 2016-05-18 5896
75 Arirang TV Held a ‘WHY UHD TV?’ Seminar on May 17 2016-05-18 6447
74 Newly Launched Program 'K-Culture Elite' 2016-05-11 5909
73 [UPFRONT] Significance of North Korea's 7th Congress 2016-05-11 5625
72 The PD of the Month Award by the Korean PD Association 2016-05-09 9839
71 Deepak Chopra, a pioneer of integrative medicine 2016-05-04 5346
70 [Special] Korea-Iran Summit Talk Special Program, Masterpieces of Korean Culture 2016-05-03 7225
69 [Special Program] President Park Geun-hye's Iran Visit 2016-04-27 6540
68 K-Poppin' Radio Open Broadcast-May 4, Incheon International Airport's 'Culture touch the sky' Event 2016-04-26 5945
67 'Saemaul Movement' Special, 'Good Morning! Rwanda' 2016-04-20 6681
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