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73 2016-05-11 [UPFRONT] Significance of North Korea's 7th Congress

[UPFRONT] Significance of North Korea's 7th Congress

(Link to Upfront)

Arirang TV's current affairs program UPFRONT aired an episode on the subject of North Korea's 7th congress and the forecast for the 5th year of Kim Jong-un's regime.

On this episode, we were joined by Yoo Ho-yeol, Executive Vice-chairperson of the National Unification Advisory Council and Choi Kang, Vice President of Asan Institute for Policy Studies, who had an intense debate on the subject.

The discussion began with the significance of North Korea's congress of the Workers' Party of Korea and major points in its 7th Congress.

Vice President Choi emphasized that we must take note of the shift in power in the congress and he mentioned that "the economic plan announced in this congress will be directly connected to the lives of North Koreans. This signifies that Kim will place much importance on public economy. Meanwhile, Kim announced that he plans to foster North Korea's service sector utilizing foreign capital." Executive Vice-chairperson Yoo commented that "now that China is also participating in sanctions against North Korea, it is true that North Korea will find it difficult to receive help from the international community unlike before." He also emphasized that North Korea must be cautious in regards to its economic development plan.

A discussion on North Korea's attitude before and after the congress as well as the international community's countermeasures also commenced.

Episode 110 'Significance of North Korea's 7th Congress', which aired on May 12, is available for viewing.

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