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62 2016-04-14 Arirang TV Airs April 13 General Election Special Feature Programs

Arirang TV Airs April 13 General Election Special Feature Programs

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Arirang TV aired diverse special feature programs related to the 20th National Assembly Election. Two weeks prior to the election, Arirang TV set up a feature within the news program block titled 'Korea Decides 2016' and broadcasted various reports such as Talks with Experts, Series Analyzing Regional Voters and Candidates, and Foreigners and the General Election, etc. A vivid live site broadcasting along with a planned cover news was done on the election for Korean residents abroad held in 198 polling places in 113 nations from March 30 to April 4, and the first ever preliminary voting done this year at Incheon International Airport and Seoul Station.

On the 12th, a day before the general election, the last stage election campaign of the three major parties was featured. Additionally, Professor Robert Kelly (Department of Political Science, Pusan National University) was invited to analyze the outlook of the election, and find out the direction of the general election and its impact on the presidential election.

On the 13th, the day of the election, a total of 9 special news features were organized from 6am to 2am the next day, with live news from the operation room, National Election Commission, polling places, ballot count location sites, along with street interviews showing real-time circumstances at the sites. Also after the exit polls, the news programs at 6pm, 8pm and 10pm invited Professor Song Se-ryun (Department of Law, Kyung Hee University) and Professor Hwang Myung-jin (Department of Sociology, Korea University) to the studio to analyze the predicted structure of the exit polls and elections results, along with later general election results.


No Title Date Hit
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