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No Date Title
58 2016-03-31 [Special Program] Presidential Visit to Washington, Mexico

[Special Program] Presidential Visit to Washington, Mexico

Arirang TV aired special programs on President Park Geun-hye's attendance of the 4th Nuclear Security Summit and overseas trips to strengthen Korea's cooperation with the international community on subjects such as resolving the problem of nuclear terror threats as well as the summit talks in Mexico.

On 'News Inside,' we reviewed the meaning and the results of President Park's North Korea nuclear weapon summit diplomacy (8 AM, April 1), then discussed the president's major scheduled activities on her official visit to Mexico (9 AM, April 3).

We assessed the Korean government's measures on carrying out nuclear sanctions against North Korea and the diplomatic outcomes of President Park's efforts made toward the key nations, urging them to examine the measures to enhance the international cooperation against the threats of North Korean nuclear terrorism, and also of her efforts in enlisting cooperation from the international community regarding the North Korean nuclear issue at the 4th Nuclear Security Summit.

No Title Date Hit
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58 [Special Program] Presidential Visit to Washington, Mexico 2016-03-31 8299
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