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No Date Title
145 2017-06-01 [Heart to Heart] "Korean Billy" Kong Sung-jae Captivates Britain with His Accent

[Heart to Heart] "Korean Billy" Kong Sung-jae Captivates Britain with His Accent

Kong Sung-jae, a.k.a. "Korean Billy," who runs a YouTube channel about British English pronunciation and British culture, has become an Internet sensation.
To turn his dream of working in broadcasting into reality, he founded a one-person media channel and began to produce videos. "My videos about London and Liverpool accents I posted in April last year became hits and were introduced on BBC. A BBC show host was amazed to see a Korean man teaching British pronunciation." said Kong.
Kong was specially invited to the University of Cambridge to film a video on English pronunciation to mark the centennial anniversary of the publication of the Cambridge English Pronouncing Dictionary (1917). Many find Kong's fluency in the northern British accent to be quite fascinating, especially given the fact that he only lived in the U.K. for six months, between January and July of 2015.

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No Title Date Hit
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145 [Heart to Heart] "Korean Billy" Kong Sung-jae Captivates Britain with His Accent 2017-06-01 8054
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