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135 2017-03-09 [Arirang Special] Significance of Kim Jong-nam's Death

'Arirang Special'- Significance of Kim Jong-nam's Death

□ Air date: Feb. 16 (Thu) 4:30 PM
□ Theme: Significance of Kim Jong-nam's Death
□ Host: Kim Han-kwon / Professor at Korea National Diplomatic Academy
□ Guests: Kim Chang-su / Senior Research Fellow at Korea Institute for Defense Analyses
Song Seong-jong / Professor of Military Science at Daejeon Univ.
Go Myong-hyun / Research Fellow at Asan Institute for Policy Studies

Arirang TV recently aired an 'Arirang Special' episode on the 'Significance of Kim Jong-nam's Death.'
First, the panel discussed the identity of Kim Jong-nam and the details of his assassination.
In regards to Kim Jong-nam, half-brother to Kim Jong-un, Prof. Song mentioned that Kim Jong-nam had been Kim Jong-il's heir until 2001, after which he was ousted for unspecified reasons.
Amidst all the interest on his assassination, possibilities have been raised that he was assassinated on the orders of Kim Jong-un, to which Mr. Go commented that it is highly probable. He added that Kim Jong-nam is a member of the royal family in North Korea and as such, there are not many who could have had him killed.
On the theories that the assassination was carried out as a result of the competition to prove loyalty to Kim Jong-un within North Korea or by a third country, Mr. Kim said, "Kim Jong-nam is regarded as an obstacle to Kim Jong-un's dictatorship. Therefore, the possibility of an intervention by a third country is very low."When a question was raised on whether the assassination is an evidence of the instability within North Korea, Mr. Go replied that it may actually be an ostentation of power by Kim Jong-un's regime and that Kim Jong-nam may not have been a big threat in reality. Mr. Kim postulated that the assassination may have been a show of power by the North Korean regime or an evidence of internal instability.
Lastly, the panel took time to discuss the significance of Kim Jong-nam's assassination and the outlook on North Korea's politics.
Mr. Kim commented that "Kim Jong-nam's assassination may have been premeditated, but no one knows the truth. It may have been an attempt to turn the interest away from North Korea's missile launch on Feb. 12." In regards to the outlook on North Korean politics, Mr. Go emphasized that we must consider a long-term impact the assassination may have on the changes in North Korea's regime in the future.

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