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131 2017-02-08 History behind Korea-Japan Conflict on Dokdo Island

[Foreign Correspondents] History behind Korea-Japan Conflict on Dokdo Island

On this episode of Arirang TV's news talk program [Foreign Correspondents], the foreign correspondents got together to discuss Japan's provocation of Korea over Dokdo Island and the history behind the Korea-Japan conflict surrounding the island.
On January 20, the Japanese government requested that the name ‘Dokdo' not be used to refer to Korea's easternmost island on a map on the PyeongChang Olympic Games website. Japan argued that the island is disputed territory and referring to it as part of Korea is in violation of the Olympic Charter Rule 50 article 2. In response, the PyeongChang Organizing Committee for the 2018 Olympics & Paralympic Winter Games announced that there is nothing to be discussed and that the idea is not worth responding to. Korea's Ministry of Foreign Affairs also stated that Japan is making preposterous claims once again of Dokdo Island and urged Japan to immediately cease its useless claims.
On this matter, reporter Elise Hu from [NPR] stated that the Olympic Games are sporting events based on the values such as harmony and reconciliation so she believes it is unnecessary to show the island as Dokdo Island on the website for the Olympics. In addition, Frank Smith from Iranian [Press TV] said, "Showing Dokdo Island, which is uninhabitable, on the map, while Ulleungdo Island, which is inhabitable, is not included indicates a political motivation. Such political motivation is against the Olympic spirit so I believe it is inappropriate."
It is easy to find evidence that Dokdo Island is Korean territory in various historical records such as Samguk Sagi ("The Chronicles of the Three States") and the Geography Book from Sejong Silok ("Records of King Sejong"). In addition, according to Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers' Instructions (SCAPIN) No. 677, Dokdo Island is excluded from Japan's territorial rule so according to international law, it is recognized as Korean territory. However, in January 1952, when the Korean government announced Presidential declaration on maritime sovereignty which included Dokdo Island, Japan began claiming Dokdo Island as its own and Japan's claims continue to this day. To what is driving Japan to continue to make claims for Dokdo Island, Elise Hu from [NPR] stated that she believes Japan's frequent territory disputes spring from its desire to reclaim its glories of the days when Japan was an empire.

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