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No Date Title
123 2016-12-27 [K-Phile] An Artistic Director in Love with Gugak

[K-Phile] An Artistic Director in Love with Gugak

On Episode 7 of 'K-Phile', the spotlight is on Lauren Ash-Morgan, a great fan of traditional Korean music.

She is an artistic director with Seoul Shakespeare Company and an assistant professor who spends most of her day studying gugak, traditional Korean music. Her schedule is filled with gugak-related classes, which include gyobangmu, taepyeongmu, dosalpuri and gayageum byeongchang. Not even Koreans are familiar with some of the things she is studying. Her gugak teachers praise her for her ability to express han, a sentiment of deep resentment and sorrow unique to Korea. Her performance, in which she expresses sorrow in her songs, and wit and humor through her acting, is simply amazing.

According to Lauren, gugak helps her to keep her body and mind healthy. She regrets that traditional Korean music is not so popular. She believes that it is more creative and beautiful than any other genre of music in the world.

Lauren's dream is to someday become a professor of global folk music, and combine traditional Korean music with other music genres. This is also why she adds elements of traditional Korean music in the movements and costumes she is in charge of as an artistic director in Seoul Shakespeare Company. Gugak broadened her artistic expression on music and it will help her achieve her dreams.

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No Title Date Hit
126 한국언론학회 '글로벌 경쟁 환경에서 국제방송의 위상과 재원' 주제로 세미나 개최 2017-01-19 6202
125 이달의 PD상 수상 2017-01-19 4786
124 [Tour vs Tour] Clean and Clear Pyeongchang 2016-12-27 4707
123 [K-Phile] An Artistic Director in Love with Gugak 2016-12-27 5137
122 [Upfront] Round-up of 2016 Key Issues: Security & Politics 2016-12-27 4284
121 [Arirang Special] Walking through Jeju, The World Natural Heritage Site 2016-12-27 4081
120 [Foreign Correspondents] The Impeachment Bill and Aftermath 2016-12-27 4228
119 아리랑국제방송 비정규직 위한 ‘표준업무 위탁 계약서’ 도입 2016-12-01 5065
118 [4Angles] Bearers of Intangible Cultural Heritage and more 2016-11-29 4576
117 [Foreign Correspondents] College Entrance System in Korea 2016-11-29 4453
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