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121 2016-12-27 [Arirang Special] Walking through Jeju, The World Natural Heritage Site

[Arirang Special] Walking through Jeju, The World Natural Heritage Site

In October 2010, Jeju Island achieved UNESCO's coveted "Triple Crown" when it became the only place in Korea to be listed as a UNESCO's Global Geopark, following its designation as a Biosphere Reserve in 2002 and a World Natural Heritage site in 2007. Jeju Island finally received recognition as a valuable heritage we all must preserve when this small island off the coast of the Korean Peninsula became the world's first place to have been registered for all 3 of the "Environmental Protection Systems."

Although the island is familiar to many people, Arirang TV has prepared this special trip to introduce new facets of the island and reflect upon the value of this heritage of humanity.

The first place we visited is the Halla Mountain, the highest mountain in Korea with a height of 1,950m. When seen from various angles as well as from a bird's eye view, the mountain offers a spectacular sight, an aspect of the island we have never seen before.

Arirang TV not only visited Manjanggul Cave that is only partially open to the public, it also captured scenes from the interior of Dangcheomul and Yongcheon lava tubes, which is closed to the public. Despite being lava tubes, these caves also display characteristics of a limestone cave. The sight of the cave ceiling decorated with soda straws is one you should not miss.

Not only is Jeju Island Geopark, which includes sites such as Suwol Peak and Hyodon Stream, a heritage of humanity, it is also a place with park facilities where people can actually come and experience the wonders of nature. Eco-tours led by experts provide you with an easy-to-understand commentary on the island as well as a valuable chance to observe rare plants and enjoy the grandeur of the island's geologic layers.

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