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No Date Title
116 2016-11-29 [K-Phile] Special Trip with Photographer John Steele

<k-phile> Special Trip with Photographer John Steele

The fifth episode of the Arirang TV show "K-Phile", which aims to promote Korean cultural content globally, is about American photographer John Steele, who likes to photograph old alleys in Korea.

His photos of beautiful Korean scenery posted on social media have received rave reviews. He took them while traveling around Korea with his dog, Holly. John is especially fond of old back alleyways in Seoul, which have been disappearing one by one due to modernization.

He likes the warm hearts of locals living in old neighborhoods. That's what draws him to Ant Village time and again. He also likes to visit Watch Alley in Yeji-dong, where you can feel the spirit of artisans and learn about the preciousness of slow living. In another old neighborhood in Mullae-dong, where alleys have been transformed from a cluster of steel shops into an art village, visitors can feel a harmony between the past and the present, between art and daily life.

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No Title Date Hit
116 [K-Phile] Special Trip with Photographer John Steele 2016-11-29 5426
115 Arirang Radio's Special "Expats' Night with Talk & Music" 2016-11-29 4921
114 Robert King, Special Envoy for N. Korean Human Rights Issues 2016-11-29 4969
113 The Debut of #Stylecast, K-beauty Makeover Program 2016-10-31 7225
112 Fall Program Reshuffle for Arirang Radio with New DJs 2016-10-31 5984
111 Pops In Seoul Special – Asia Dream Concert Ends in Success 2016-10-31 5683
110 Special Documentary Debuted on SKY UK 2016-10-31 5562
109 [UPFRONT] A New Phase in Human Rights Abuses in North Korea 2016-10-31 5433
108 Achievement of the President's Multilateral Diplomacy 2016-10-10 6464
107 Gyeongju Earthquake, Are We Safe? 2016-10-10 5433
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