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108 2016-10-10 Achievement of the President's Multilateral Diplomacy

Achievement of the President's Multilateral Diplomacy

ArirangTV's debate program, UPFRONT, broadcasted an episode on "Achievement of the President's Multilateral Diplomacy" on September 8th.

On this episode, Chung Man-young, professor of Yonsei Institute for Sinology at Yonsei University and Park Tae-woo, research professor of Institute of Sustainable Development at Korea University discussed about the meaning and the significance of the President Park's recent multilateral diplomatic visits.

They analyzed each summit diplomacy that happened during this tour schedule and forecasted the international situation surrounding this issue. They further discussed about the much anticipated Korea-China summit talks that were held during the G20 Summit Conference.

Professor Chung said, "Although there were conflicts between two nations during the U.S-China Summit Talks that took place right before the G20 Summit, Korea-China Summit Talk was successful. Chinese President Xi Jinping expressed his opposition towards the deployment of THAAD, however, the cooperative talk was continued as he showed agreement on North Korea's nuclear issues and the settlement of international situations.

Furthermore, the debate continued on the issues of North Korea and the security on the Korean Peninsula.

The details can be found on the September 8th episode of UPFRONT.

(Link to Video)

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