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107 2016-10-10 Gyeongju Earthquake, Are We Safe?

Gyeongju Earthquake, Are We Safe?

UPFRONT, Arirang TV’s current affairs debate program, broadcasted an episode on the "Assessment of Korea's Disaster Management System."
On September 12th, the strongest-ever earthquake of magnitude 5.8 was observed in the Korean Peninsula. Even the aftershocks have been occuring many times in the North Gyeongsang Province, and are raising the acute anxiety among the residents. Following this incident, the government has declared Gyeongju to be a 'special disaster area’ and reorganized its disaster management system.

In regards to the characteristics of the aftershocks, Lee Tae-hyung, director of Earthquake Engineering Society of Korea answered that the actual earthquakes are usually followed by the aftershocks, but the intensity and the frequency deceases as the time passes by. Kim Jae-kwan, professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Seoul National University added that the aftershocks are expected to last more than 30 days.

Professor Kim added about the recovery methods of the Gyeongju region: "Since Gyeongju is highly populated with Hanok, the traditional Korean-style houses, and cultural treasures, special action needs to be done to protect the cultural heritage." He also emphasized that the regulations need to be modified to strengthen the building safety.

On this episode (September 29), you can learn more about the expert opinions on Korea's seismic design, the safety of nuclear facilities, and the disaster management system.

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