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102 2016-08-24 Globalization of Korean Food

Globalization of Korean Food

Arirang TV's current affairs debate program "Upfront" in the August 25 edition discussed the ways to publicize Korean cuisine around the world and converge Korean cultural content with Korean cuisine. The show's guests included Hankook University of Foreign Studies Professor Park Sang-mi, who promoted the inscription of Korea's Gimjang culture as UNESCO World Heritage in 2013, and senior researcher Kwon Dae-young from the Korea Food Research Institute, who used to head it before. They discussed the competitiveness of the Korean cuisine and ways to globalize it.

Regarding the competitiveness of the Korean cuisine, Professor Park Sang-mi stressed the power of food culture by saying that the brand power of food is not surprising because food is always at the center of any country's culture and is connected to TV shows and music as well, therefore its power must not be overlooked.

Senior researcher Kwon Dae-young, for his part, said that the popularity of Korean cuisine worldwide has been soaring rapidly, which is probably thanks to the uniqueness of Korean food.

The two experts said that in order to globalize the Korean cuisine, it is important to nurture Korean food experts and publicize Korean food in a more effective way in connection with Korea's national brand as well as build tourism infrastructure linked to the K-food industry.

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