The World On Arirang

The World On Arirang

Reaching every corner of the world. Arirang TV is to present an unbiased view and reliable information of Korea to the world through the wide range of programs such as Korean news, cultural, educational and entertainment show, dramas, documentaries and more.

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About arirang

The World On Arirang Arirang TV/Radio is a public service agency that spreads the uniqueness of Korea to the world through cutting-edge broadcasting mediums.

Arirang TV/Radio's objective is to burnish Korea's image in international communities and to improve relationships with foreign countries through close cooperation with broadcasting companies overseas.

Arirang TV/Radio is dedicated to the development of broadcasting, media, and the advertising industry, along with the advancement of culture and art. Arirang's core business is to deliver programs worldwide via satellite 24 hours a day in order to improve the image of Korea.

Mission & Operated Organization

As a representative English broadcasting station based in Korea, we provide news and entertainment on Korea for the international community.
Arirang TV/Radio is Korea’s global broadcast service. Arirang TV/Radio operates international television, Internet and domestic television services.
Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism


'96 1996. 04. 10 The Korea International Broadcasting Foundation is founded
'97 1997. 02. 03 Arirang TV domestic broadcasting is launched
'98 1998. 10. 22 Arirang TV is designated the main operating body for overseas broadcasting by the Ministry of Culture & Tourism for the Republic Korea
1998. 12. 16 The Media Exporting Center is established
'99 1999. 08. 12 Arirang TV embarks on overseas broadcasting(Asia-Pacific region)
'00 2000. 01. 10 The Translation and Interpretation Center is established
2000. 09. 26 Arirang TV launches worldwide broadcasting in Europe, Africa and the Americas
'01 2001. 03. 02 Arirang TV Media is founded
2001. 10. 17 Dish Network begins retransmitting ArirangTV in US
'02 2002. 03. 02 Skylife begins to transmit ArirangTV in Korea
'03 2003. 09. 01 FM Radio launched on Jeju Island in Korea
'04 2004. 08. 01 Arirang TV is viewed on every continent in the world
2004. 08. 20 Arabic language service launched in the Arab region
2004. 12. 01 TPS begins to retransmit ArirangTV in France
'05 2005. 06. 27 Arirang TV/Radio adopts the new name, "arirang"
2005. 09. 01 Satellite digital multimedia broadcasting is launched(ch.43)
2005. 11. 12 2005 APEC Summit host broadcaster for overseas
2005. 12. 01 Terrestrial digital multimedia broadcasting is launched
'06 2006. 04. 01 Astra begins retransmitting ArirangTV in Western European region
2006. 09. 01 Internet broadcasting service "Arirang Cast" begins
'08 2008. 03. 03 Multilingual services begins (7 languages)
'09 2009. 06. 01 Launched the Digital Terrestrial TV in the States (LA)
2009. 08. 12 Launched the Digital Terrestrial TV in the States (New York , Atlanta)
2009. 10. 01 Arirang TV launches IPTV service in Korea(myLGTV, QookTV)
'10 2010. 01. 22 Arirang TV launches IPTV service in Korea(SK Broad&TV)
2010. 11. 11 2010 G20 Summit Global Media Partner
'11 2011. 05. 03 Launched the Digital Terrestrial TV in the States (Washington DC)
'12 2012. 03. 26 2012 Nuclear Security Summit host broadcasting partner for overseas
2012. 09. 19 Arirang TV Reaches out to 100 Mil. Households
'13 2013. 09 Begins broadcast in Hong Kong through DBC
'14 2014. 02. 19 ArirangTV starts broadcasting on the USA satellite platform
2014. 10. 02 2014 ITU Plenipotentiary Conference host broadcaster for overseas
'15 2015. 07. 14 ArirangTV launches United Nations In-house Network
'16 2016. 09. 27 ArirangTV launches in HD for viewers with Sky and Freesat in the UK
'17 2017. 09. 01 Begins broadcast America's largest satellite radio (Sirius-XM)
'18 2018. 04. 23 2018 Inter-Korean Summit Host English Broadcaster
'19 2019. 09. 25 Overseas promotion contribution to ‘Pyeongchang Winter Olympics’ and ‘Pyeongchang Peace Forum’ awarded the ‘Presidential Organization Award’
2019. 11. 12 2019 ASEAN-ROK Summit host broadcaster for English services

KIBF’s Declaration of Human Rights and Ethical Management

The International Broadcasting Foundation is a representative global international broadcasting station that promotes Korea to the world and a proud national broadcasting station that contributes to the improvement of the awareness of Korea as a national brand.

We reflect the international human rights standards as the criteria of right actions and value judgementfor human dignity and value enhancement in all of our business management activities, which our executives and employees must comply with in order to implement human rights and ethical management.

Thereupon, we vow a declaration of human rights and ethical management which guarantees human dignity and value, and make it the standard of behavior rules and value judgement, and therefore pledge the following actions:

One, We establish and execute policies and systems needed for the building of a human rights management system so that the value and principle of human rights are practiced in the daily management activities of our executives and employees and take root as a custom and culture within the organization (Establishment of human rights management system).

One, We do not discriminate any persons concerned, including our executives and employees, on the basis of their race, religion, disability, gender, birth place or political opinion (Nondiscriminatory employment).

One, We guarantee the freedom of association and collective bargaining in order to protect and enhance our employees’ human rights (Guarantee of freedom of association and collective bargaining).

One, We prohibit any form of forced labor or child labor (Prohibition of forced labor and child labor).

One, We create a safe and hygienic working environment to guarantee industrial safety and health rights (Guarantee of industrial safety).

One, We make endeavors toward a mutual development with our cooperative companies, and support and cooperate in order to achieve human rights management (Management of responsible cooperative companies.

One, We respect and protect the humans rights of local residents within our business activity management areas (Protection of local residents’ human rights).

One, We comply with domestic and foreign environmental laws, and strive toward environmental protection and prevention of environmental disasters (Guarantee of environmental rights).

One, We strive to not cause any harm to the people’s safety during our business projects, protect all personal information accumulated through work, and guarantee the information access rights of our customers and consumers (Protection of customer and consumer human rights).

One, We provide quick and appropriate remedial measures toward the violation of human rights taking place in our foundation’s business project processes, and actively strive to take

November 13th, 2018

Executives and Employees of
The Korea International Broadcasting Foundation