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Timeless and priceless heritage in Korea, Timepriceless - World Heritage in Korea

Take a close look at the Korean heritages that have become UNESCO-registered world treasures and discover the past, present, and future in the values they hold.

The Edge of the World, Gyeongju

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An ancient Arabic text describes Silla as the 'edge of the world.' The Silk Road and all trade routes over land and sea from Europe to Silla via China led to Gyeongju."

Prof. Li Lei, East China Normal UniversityThe edge of the world
The millennial capital of Silla, Gyeongju 57 BC, a small kingdom on the edge of the peninsula
The last to develop, but the first to form a unified kingdom, Silla A country that welcomed foreign people and enjoyed cultural exchange The outstanding growth and technology of the millennial capital gave rise to a brilliant civilization.

Cheomseongdae, the oldest surviving observatory in East Asia, stands today just as it did 1300 years agoFrom the 23 royal tombs found in Daereungwon, tens of thousands of relics have been excavated, paying homage to the brilliant Silla civilization. "During the pinnacle of the Silla Dynasty, there were more than 170,000 residences and 39 gold-plated houses in Gyeongju."

1281, Memorabilia of the Three KingdomsWhere the traces of more than a thousand years ago and the lives of people today commingleThe brilliant civilization of the millennial kingdom, Silla,
A light from the East that reaches the world A priceless heritage of humanity, Gyeongju