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Heavy rain pounds central part of S. Korea; Jamsu Bridge closed for first time in two years Updated: 2022-07-01 05:04:37 KST

This year's monsoon is pounding the central part of South Korea.
There's been numerous cases of flooding and landslides.
As of 6pm on Thursday, the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasure Headquarters said two people have died from the heavy rain.
Over 80 properties have been flooded.

"Heavy rainfall has raised water levels so high that Jamsu Bridge behind me has been closed off for the first time in two years.
That lower part right there is where cars and pedestrians would normally cross.
But because the water level surpassed 7 metersit's impossible for anybody to pass.
And that right there is an area for tables and chairs where people would usually sit at in front of the Han River.
But you can't even see them.
Because it's completely under water."

The last time Jamsu Bridge in Seoul was closed off was in the summer of 2020.
Back then, water levels peaked at over 11 meters.
Though water levels aren't as high as beforeauthorities are still on the lookout because the country is expecting to see even more rainfall until Friday morning.
Up to 150 millimeters is set to pour down in the greater capital region.

The capital region has already seen what 130 millimeters worth of rain overnight can do.
On Thursday morning, there were reports of major traffic congestion.
By 9 AM, cars in Seoul were driving at an average speed of just 14.7 kilometers per hour.
Large streams had overflown with waterclosing off major roads like the Dongbu Expressway.
That's why authorities encouraged people to use public transport.
Seoul city has extended the number of buses and subway trains operating during rush hour for an extra 30 minutes.

The Korea Meteorological Administration has said making an exact prediction as to when skies will clear up is difficultas rain clouds are rapidly changing.
What they've analyzed so far is that the central part of Korea will see heavy rain till Friday morning.
Shin Ye-eun, Arirang news.

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