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IN-DEPTH: WHO due to announce decision on monkeypox 'global emergency' Updated: 2022-06-24 17:34:37 KST

South Korea now has its first confirmed case of monkeypox in a person who tested positive after arriving in Korea from Germany.
That means the health authorities have raised the alert level for the disease.
The World Health Organization is also meeting to determine whether the monkeypox outbreak now more than 32-hundred cases in almost 50 countries constitutes a global emergency.
Countries seem to be taking action early.
To find out what they're doing and the state of the outbreak right now, we are joined this evening by our go-to medical expert, Dr. Alice Tan.

1. The World Health Organization is meeting to potentially declare monkeypox a "global emergency." What constitutes a global emergency, does monkeypox meet that standard, and what does it mean practically to make this designation?

2. What's the status of the outbreak in South Korea? Only one case confirmed so far in a person who came from Germany, but is it likely there are more infections already?

3. Dr. Tedros at the WHO said that countries need to "strengthen their capacities to prevent onward transmission" of monkeypox. What kinds of capacities is he referring to there? The WHO has mentioned "intensified surveillance" in communities.

4. Dr. Tedros also said we have to address stigma, discrimination and misinformation. Is there any particular misinformation out there you see as needing to be addressed?

5. New York City, the United Kingdom and some other places are offering vaccines to people considered at high-risk. What kinds of vaccines are these, and who is at high risk?
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